Sunday, 24 March 2013

Religious communities on mission to UK

FOLLOWING on from the mission in year 2000, 2005 and 2008, a ten member team from the four religious orders of the church of Melanesia is currently on a two months mission to the UK.
The team led by Brother Clark Berge who is from USA left the country on Thursday the 20th March.
The purpose of the tour is for them to showcase the Melanesian way of approaching people and sharing of Gods words through the theme: “Simply living”.
Melanesian Mission UK website stated, during this mission we aim to establish communities for a week at a time in various areas of the UK where people can join these small communities of Sisters and Brothers to live alongside them, praying, explore spirituality, Workout in the local community and spend time together discussing issues such as environment, advocacy, peace and reconciliation”.
Head Brother of the Melanesian Brother hoods, Brother Mathias Tovotasi said they will share God’s word through religious dramas, action choruses and staging talks.
“These are the main channels of sharing God’s words in our Melanesian way of living” he said.
In this mission, they will also have time to visit around ten Parishes including institutions.
This is the fourth of its kind in which religious communities of the church carry out gospels to other parts of the world.
Team to UK before departure at Henderson International Airport Honiara
The ten member team comprises of five Melanesian Brotherhoods including Head Brother, Br. Mathias Tovotasi, two sisters from the Community of the Sisters of the Church, one from the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia and two brothers from the society of St. Francis.
The tour was made possible through assistance from Melanesian Mission UK (MMUK) and the Society of Saint Franciscan.


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